Carpet Cleaning

Though carpet cleaning may seem like a simple task, it’s one that is significant and shouldn’t be ignored. Through foot traffic, outside debris, and accidents, carpet can become riddled with germs and and stains that needs to be sanitized periodically. Carpet cleaning is a cinch to our trusted team and get

Living in the south means that humidity is an uncontrollable byproduct of our environment that we must deal with on a regular basis. With that comes the constant danger of mildew and mold growth onto carpet. Traco can provide treatment along with preventative care so the only thing you have to worry about is beating the heat.

For most people, spring is an exciting time because of the weather becoming less cold and gloomy. For others, it’s a nightmare because it means allergy season is upon us once more, and with that, pollen can get trapped in your carpet, making each step potentially bring nonstop sneezing. Luckily, we can get rid of all that pollen and other allergens so your sinuses will thank you.