Creating a hospitable
environment for your home and

Traco is a professional cleaning service that specializes in several custodial
practices of maintaining a habitable environment, no matter where or what
the conditions are. We are trained and skilled in a multitude of cleaning
procedures so that we can accomplish any goal, everything from the
smallest detail to the biggest project.

We proudly lend our services throughout the
Southeast U.S., as Traco’s base of operations
is located in Midfield, Alabama.

A rich history of customer

For more than 30 years, Traco has proudly been a family owned and operated business, and in that time,
we have gained the knowledge and wisdom it takes to fulfill any needs that our customers have.

We have serviced many types of businesses and organizations, from learning institutes to contracter sites,
and there are no bounds as to what we can do for you. We are committed to not only making your space as
clean and welcoming as possible, but also maintaining consistency,
so that each service is as outstanding as the last one.

We take pride in bringing customer satisfaction to all of our clients and strive on
consistently bringing superior work with each project.

What kind of job do you
need us to do?

Commercial Janitorial Services

Our team can help your workplace become more welcoming with our expertise, regardless of size. Whether it be a multi-story corporation or a one-floor start-up, Traco is there for you.

Post-Construction Clean Up

From room renovations to whole office construction, Traco has the expertise and tools to clean newly constructed areas so that you can get back to business sooner than later.

Residential Cleaning

Keeping your home hospitable has never been easier when using Traco. We fulfill customizable requests so that your home is clean the way you want it to be, when you need it to be, without all the hassle.

We’re able to adhere to any
assistance that you may need.

High Rise Window Washing

We can get those hard to reach
places that most can't get to.

Carpet Cleaning

Making those stains that seem impossible to get out, possible

Pressure Washing

Removing spots, splatters, marks, and anything else you can think of has never been easier

Our goal is to help fulfill yours.

When measuring our success, there is not a better determinant than the satisfaction that is brought on by our customers after a job well done. From the confidence that is built in our clients from having a clean work space to them having a home that they can bask in it’s new cleanliness, we take pride in our work knowing our clients are reaping the benefits of making the right decision and entrusting the dirty work for the professionals.